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excerpt taken from an email between me and Erin

So...guess what I'm doing this week. That's right. School!
Funfunfun. I've already got three assignments for my physical science
week-long thingy at CDH. They add up to about seven pages, and I have
to email the last one because tomorrow's our last day and we have to
check our crystals in our watchglass to write up our lab report (the
"we" is me and my lab partner, Joe Barnard, who has really long hair,
much longer than any guy's in our class). Oh yeah, and Tony and Chris
S. and my cousin Maureen are in the class too. There are 28 in the
summer class but only 24 are going to be in the biology class next
trimester. Guess what? We get to burn stuff, and play with alcohol,
and hydrochloric acid, and Bunsen burners, and it's really fun.
Except for the lab writeups, which I had to get up at 5:30 this
morning to do because I'm lazy and they take a long time to write up
and that's what I'm supposed to be doing right now but I've got two
more days (because we're leaving on Saturday for Kavanaughs' for a
week and it's only 3 hours away but it's *really cool*, we go inner
tubing and stuff and I want to flip the tube this year, except it's
not a tube, it's a giant inflatable raft thing and we go loads faster
than we're supposed to because my uncles are homicidal and it's

Um. That was a very long paragraph, with many long, long sentences.

Erm. We did sludge today in physci (physical science, but physci's
shorter and funnier). And we guessed and got 6/7. Woot. Um. Oh
yeah, we have alcohol in ours. Just rubbing alcohol though, not booze
(which is ethanol (grain alcohol), we only had isopropanol). And we
had a fire when we were boiling off stuff, but it wasn't too big. Oh,
and when we were boiling off this stuff, the sand exploded.
Fortunately the second time we had a watchglass covering the
evaporating dish but the first time we weren't so lucky (we were using
the other one to grow the aforementioned crystals). Oh, and we boiled
an isopropanol/water mixture for nearly an hour. It got quite boring,
but I didn't notice it was that long until I calculated it properly.

So, tell me about your summer, and I'll get back to you next week,
unless I read this by Saturday!

-Maria, the person who likes to explode and burn stuff and is having a
grand old time in physci, but only has one more day left, and then
she'll only be able to do chemistry in 11th grade, and is bothering
Erin with how much stuff she writes. Sorryish. And who honestly does
want to know about Erin's (and Fable's and anyone else's) summers, because there's nothing interesting
after Kavanaughs' until August when there's homework to be done, and
that's not very interesting at all (I looked it up online). And who
scored only four goals, but had a sprained ankle for one game that got
all swollen up on the day right before graduation, and whose team has
a 1-2-1 not-very-good record. And who will end this email Right Now.


Stuff in parentheses was added afterwards (in the journal entry), since I didn't get an email from Fable or anyone else.

Oi! Fable! Email me! Or something!
I'm going to go crazy with the boredom! I haven't been to the library once this summer!