Apr. 6th, 2006 04:47 pm
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It's all dark and rainy out. Much love. It was actually just couldy earlier today but that was just stupid. And stupid. And stupid. If there's one type of weather I hate (other than nasty hot-and-muggy) it's cloudy-with-no-rain. I mean, what's the point of clouds without precipitation? Exactly.

Just another normal day. Basketball in gym. The lights just flickered which is rather ominous but nothing to worry about--it just happened twice more. I'm a bit worried.

And again.

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Part of a journal entry from Deviantart, which I recently stopped being a lurker at:

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Holy shit. The snowflakes just keep growing...and growing...and growing.... Just a few minutes ago I was telling my mom that I was surprised that the snow wasn't sticking to the driveway. Now the driveway looks like God shook a big container of powdered sugar all over the driveway. If the snow actually covered all the grass, I would begin to believe that it actually was Christmas. Well, some of the trees haven't lost all their leaves yet, but they don't count. Nyah.
The snowflake are actually pretty big, and the weather person said that the snow would stop later this afternoon. Unless this is the dark before the dawn (not exactly dark/dawn though, I like darkness), then the guy was wrong. Maybe the snow can shrink. Oh yes, our (plastic. I'm sorry! I didn't buy it! This is environmentally friendly!) tree is up, as is our wreath, which, I believe, is real.
My paper's done! It's still boring, though.
There's a fly between two windowpanes (the storm window and the inside window). It looks very, very cold, and it won't move. Since flies are cold-blooded, I guess this makes sense.
Our driveway isn't quite covered with snow yet, but it's getting there.
As you may have noticed, most of this is observation. I am very bored, but I don't want to go downstairs to help set up. Also, most of my family is sleeping (according to a few minutes ago update by my mom), so I'd have to be quiet. I'm very good at being quiet by not talking, but not so good at being quiet by not making noise.
All the snow is tiny now. I was right. It did shrink. I pity those of you ghosties and demons who live in Florida. Snow is really an amusing thing.
I'm currently listening to "The Little Drummer Boy" performed with bagpipes. One of the substitutes at our school plays bagpipes really well.
There's nearly no snow in the sky now, but as any inhabitant of the Lower Elements will tell you, "nearly" never won a bucket of squid in Gnommish roulette.*
*Also by Eoin Colfer, in Artemis Fowl (spelled it right again!): The Arctic Incident. Notice how everything I quote seems to be from one of his books. The above quote is a) my most-quoted quote (again, don't bother saying anything whether or not this makes sense to you) and b) the Quote of the Day.
The end.


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