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What to say...I can't think of anything that stands out in my life more than anything else. Nothing really important. Whatever. A quiz, and other things )

Dear Lord, long post.
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I went home sick. That's really all you need to know. I haven't thrown up yet, but if I do, I'll be sure to spare you the details. $190 for SPAFF though. W00t. Oh, and instant mashed potatoes + Coke = I-don't-feel-quite-so-much-like-I'm-going-to-toss-my-cookies. Not that I had any cookies this morning.

So basically I felt really sick in homeroom (especially since there was some bad-smelling nasty air stuff in there), so I asked to go to the nurse's office, where I found out that I had a fever. A small fever, granted, but a fever nonetheless. They sent me home because "if you have a fever, then you're contagious". -AAAAGH! Proof statements!- Yeah. There was this one other girl there who had just thrown up, so she got sent home too. The nurse had asked us why we came to school today if we didn't feel good, and we both told her that we had felt fine that morning. So maybe we have the same "bug" thing.

Weird thing: I'm pretty sure my thermometer at home is busted, because my fever at school was 99.3 degrees (Fahrenheit), which is only .7 degrees above normal, but when I took my temperature at home it was only 97.5, which is 1.1 degrees below normal. Odd.

Oh, and I have a headache too. Which is sometimes right on the side of my head but other times right by my nose. And there was this weird thing like I was losing peripheral vision in my left eye, and it kind of seemed like I'd been staring into a bright light for too long and couldn't see properly. Because you can definitely diagnose my headache from all this.

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You know, it wouldn't be that bad if I wasn't sitting next to Harry, who is still, a week later, bugging me that he supposedly beat me in the geography bee. We're taking a fun little math test instead of doing math stuff.
Oh, and guess what? I didn't do any of my math homework last night except for one paragraph on my altruism paper. Go me! I've got a religion project due Thursday, a draft of my altruism paper due tomorrow, and even though that's about it, it's sure enough to be getting on with.
Gah! The site that I'm supposed to be getting to is stupid and slow and I hate it. We're doing a practice test for some stupid math standards test. GAH.
At first I got to some Vikings page, but half the class got to that and then they could get to it, but I still can't. GAH GAH GAH!
Quote of the day: "GAH!" --guess who.
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I actually do get to use the computer at home now, but it's addictive to update at school.
We finished a lit test last period. Considering the teacher, it was kind of easy. Actually it was really easy. There were *two* extra credit points.
I finished printing my english paper thing. The computer was being evil.
I am going to see if I've got any mail. Adios!
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Ha. I'm updating during school. My English teacher thinks that I'm typing some paragraph or other. We're writing about Midge Marple and her car. How interesting.
Michael's here. I don't think she knows how unpopular she is.
I had art/PE this morning and worked on the set for two (40-minute) periods. It's nearly done and will be moved over to the church (where the Christmas program will be) at around 1 pm today.
Bye--oh yeah. We won our basketball game last night, 34-33. Emily scored a basket three seconds from the end of the game. Everybody was all happy, etc. Happy happy fun (a quote from RJ at the Marathon (a fundraiser) pepfest, which also popularized the (random) name Jarvis).
Quote of the day: "Jesus didn't tap dance." --Me, responding to some remark that Luke made about Jesus (what else?) tap-dancing


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