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May. 4th, 2006 09:06 pm
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Entry reposted from DeviantArt.

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And so now I'm just putting this here, and I'll maybe post an addendum or something later that showcases what I liked about the finale.

And I found the outline for the story I want to do for my personal June NaNo (so it'd be PeNoWriMo--on second thought, let's scrap that. Maybe MyNoWriMo. Better). So that's good, at least.


May. 2nd, 2006 06:52 pm
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...augh. My dad's gone all spastic and declared that I must, simply must get a job this summer! Or something, anyway; anything's better than sitting around at home reading books. That's so boring, of course, and you'll go ahead and do nothing and this summer you'll be wondering why you're bored! Besides, you must utilize your talents, even though they consist mainly of reading, having a dirty mind, and thinking you're funny when you're not. And badminton. Badminton is crucial, says my father.

Actually, that's not what he says. What he says is more like, "You need to do something else over the summer, something besides read." I don't think I ever got a really good explanation for why I need to do this. And apparently it is hypocritical of me to say that my brother has a full schedule...What? My dad's so fucking stupid at times.

He said, "I'm going to wait at the table until you tell me what you're going to do this summer." I left, because he didn't say anything about me staying (EEEEEE SEMANTICS) and naturally he got pissed and told me to sit down and shut the fuck up though not in those exact words. More like "Where the hell do you think you're going?" Meh. I finally placated him by shoving him a bunch of BS about going and talking to Ms. Reding in the guidance office about volunteer opportunities.

My mom just came into the library and showed me a booklet (OMGWTFBBQ BOOKLET!!?!?!!???!?) and said I didn't show a lot of initiative. Well, if you hadn't bloody shoved me forward a grade and effectively cut off all my social knowledge up to that point, maybe I wouldn't be Ms. Outcast Freak who is Weird and Smart and That's About Bloody Well All and who is Trying Not to be Ms. Outcast Freak who is Weird and Smart and That's About Bloody Well All. Gah.

Called the two hotlines (seasonal/part time employment, and the volunteer one): the S/PTE one said all the spots were filled, and the volunteer one asked me to leave my name and address after the beep for a brochure, so I did that. I also went to the St. Paul website and looked under the jobs/internships/volunteers tab and found a few things, although I'd already passed the one I wanted to do, at the Conservatory, by about a month and a half.

My sister just barged in. Bloody hell. Is the rest of the family going to invade my room? Eh? It may as well be my room. Nobody else leaves their dirty clothes on the floor here or spreads their papers all over the room, or spends as much time on the computer as I do, or.... Yeah. See what I mean.

I really, really need to work on my health project...but I want ice cubes right now. And the tables hate me.


Apr. 17th, 2006 11:24 am
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Easter )

And my headache is back from yesterday. Why is that?
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Winter is not fun, especially in the morning. Why? First of all, there are sore throats. Do you like having a sore throat? I didn't think so. Every stinking morning I wake up with a sore throat. Then, if I have followed my mother's directions, my mouth is aching from the rubber bands I have to put on my teeth. It hurts really bad. [Note to those who do not know: If it's possible and not (for lack of a better word) illogical, do not get braces. They HURT. Just like Grelvish.] Also, my braces have been rubbing against my gums all night long. That hurts as well. Finally, as any of you part-crazy-part-sane people--who live somewhere you get snow--know, it is COLD. Minnesota is cold. If you live here and you don't know that, I really have to wonder where you think you are. Or maybe you just don't get cold. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that it is cold in the morning in winter. *End of my little rant/essay thing*
So, like any other Saturday, I get to clean, go to basketball, and then be a couch potato all day. Or a beanbag potato. Whatever. I don't think Michael will be at basketball today (because she's on a traveling team too, and they practice the same times we do), so woot woot. I wish it would snow again. Everything looks really icky without snow.
I had a funny dream last night. It was very, very odd. If you don't want to read my long description of it, I suggest that you move ahead a bit.
I was scrying using a metal ruler and some apprentice guy was trying to find this little wooden marble for Lord Xar (from the Death Gate Cycle), who was mixing up potions and lived in a tree. The man couldn't find the marble, but he though it had rolled down the slope of the tree trunk. I was trying to help him, but before that (somehow in my dream there was a flashback) I was trying to collect the "pretty" marbles from some basket while the "normal" marbles, the older family members of the "pretty" ones, tried to get them back by cascading over the side of the basket. This was right outside Xar's study thingamabob. Later (after the flashback) an event happened. There was a wooden bridge over a wide, frozen creek, and three people--a man, a woman, and a baby--came across it. Later, we fixed the event, because I think one or more of the people had died. So I was saying what I saw in the metal ruler, and the woman who had come across the bridge was "fixing fates". She wanted to die by something, and I suggested something less painful. Anyway, they came across the bridge again, and I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I think it all happened the way it was supposed to. Then I fixed the bridge. I was either Sartan or Patryn (kinds of wizard/god races from the Death Gate Cycle), and the bridge-crossers were whichever I wasn't, so they wondered how I had fixed the bridge. The baby pointed it out to them. However, the woman was then shot. After that, I went to see my sister, who was playing Barbies with some new friends. This wasn't all that odd, because she does this all the time. They were playing in a car, with a big, neon-colored, rainbow slide going down the back. I know this because I walked around the car to the back and saw little children going down it. The kids in the car were fighting for some reason. Then I woke up.
And that is the account of one of my countlessly many odd dreams.
Quote for the day: "Rope! I knew I'd want it, if I hadn't got it!" --Sam, from The Lord of ths Rings, with variations in various places
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I.N.S.A.N.E. parents, stupid teachers, and stupid classmates. Will the stupidity never end? Ms. Vogel decided that she needed to talk to me because I got mad at her after my books fell on the floor and she was all perky/happy/oopsie! about it. So we had a "talk" in the hall. I really don't like Ms. Vogel, but she lets me get away with writing my vocab in tengwar, so I really can't be too mad at her. But after that, I yelled at my friend, and I feel really bad about that now. But since none of you know who that friend is, I don't think I'll say any more. However, I do think she forgave me. Maybe.
Anyway, we also had a stupid classmate. Chris, the guy who wrote that one song (yeah! That song! I know the one, it's the one in which someone *sings*), was really stupid in science today. He stuttered, "B-b-but," because he didn't understand something that had been cleared up last week. He was the one who brought it up in the first place. Now here's the kicker: he's actually pretty smart. But he can be really (times one less than infinity) annoying at times. Sometimes he rants about how bigger hands help you play piano, or brags about how little sleep he had. Other times, he's just crazy. And in class, he asks the stupidest questions. It is infuriating, because sometimes you can't figure out exactly what he'll do next. Maybe he'll fly into a rage at you, or he'll laugh at himself, or he'll ignore you, or he'll toss an insult (in the loosest sense of the word) at you.
Anyway, we did vocab today in science. Some of the words were certainly *not* meant to be taken literally. Some had amusing connotations for the more immature in our class. We're studying minerals. Three of the amusing words were vocab; one was a mispronunciation of a mineral. Vocab words: streak, luster, and cleavage; mispronounced word: silicon (as silicone). Harry and Joseph, two of the most immature fools in this school, decided that they needed a private few minutes to laugh their heads off. And Joseph has this crazy laugh. His laugh was the one that set off the avalanche of other laughs in Mr. Backe's class last year that got the entire class a detention. Great, now I'll have to explain this.
What first, in the very beginning, happened is that some of the students liked to put hand sanitizer on each other's chairs. Not exactly harmful by itself, but when somebody sits on it, it can be very embarrassing. The only reason that there was hand sanitizer around was that some wise guy had decided to install hand sanitizer dispenser in each classroom. Anyway, the girl who sat next to me was absent, so the intended victim switched his chair with hers. I sat in the back of the room. The boys on the other side of the chair were pretending to be bad readers, so the sub came back and sat in the chair to talk to them. Right in the puddle of hand sanitizer.
Of course they started laughing, and Joseph always starts laughing when someone else is laughing. It's like his immune system is disfunctional considering laughter. Anyway, he's got this laugh that sounds like a dying hyena, and that set the rest of the class off laughing, most of which had absolutely no idea what had happened in the first place. Probably someone told the rest of the class later, but since nobody went to get a teacher to stop it, we all got detention. Fair? I don't think so. The absent people didn't get detention, and even though some people didn't laugh and even tried to stop the other people from laughing, they, too, received detention. Of course, it wasn't much of a detention, but we still didn't deserve it.
Fun little incident. We got lectured about it from every single different core teacher, and probably a few others. And, of course, the ever-present critics: the parents. My god. All she did was sit on some hand sanitizer and get laughed at. Mind you, if I'd found myself in that position, I would *not* have been remotely near happy. And that attitude is probably what got us all those lectures/punishments, etc.
So, now you have more of my complete background. I'm sure that you ghosties and demons are all positively *thrilled*.
Quote of the day: "... Who's gonna stop me? Little old you?"
"No. Little old them." --Jon Spiro and Artemis Fowl, the latter referring to the Chicago Police Department
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Wow. My mom threatened to kill me because my sister was kicking me in the butt. "If you touch her, you're dead." What the hell? My sister is a pain in the ass (yes, pun/wordplay intended), but my mom always, always stands up for her, and never for me. My sister totally lied about vacuuming the basement, and it didn't even look like she vacuumed. So, of course, my mom stands up for her even when: 1) there were wrappers on the floor, 2) there were toys on the floor, 3) the couch was still in the middle of the floor, 4) neither my brother nor I had heard the vacuum cleaner on, 5) there were no vacuum marks on the carpet and the vacuum cleaner hadn't moved, and 6) both my brother and I told my mother that she had not vacuumed. My mom can be a pain in the ass, just like my sister, because she never stands up for my brother or me. Evil little bitch.
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Gah. Won basketball last night and am SO tired. Got a review that said one of my stories was cheesy. "I can see that you like cheese on your stories, 'cause this one sure is cheesy."
However, it was from someone who doesn't think homosexuals, lesbians, and gays are human. What a *silly* (read idiotic, biased, stupid, fucking crazy, etc.) person. (Notice I did not say human being, because of the above. I don't think he/she is gay/lesbian, but if you think like that, then why should we call you a human being? No, I'm not lesbian either.) Since the pen name is MrsFlames, I can only guess that he/she only goes around criticizing other people's stories. I have thought up a few different responses:
1) No, no, no. I like scrambled eggs much better.
2) Oh, I'm so glad that you took the time to review my story. Thanks for the *constructive* criticism! I'm so happy that you *enjoyed* my story.
3) No, it's not cheesy. It's just not how you would write it. I describe magic one way, you might describe it another way.
And some other ones. I'm sure you ghosties and demons have better suggestions, but I don't really care. Good for you.
Thought for the day: My head hurts. Go ask someone else.
*This is for the mood bit, because I can't write any more there: mildly annoyed at MrsFlames, but deciding to shrug it off, because *silly* people like that are just so *silly* and other things.


Nov. 7th, 2004 12:22 pm
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Gah. My father decided, on the way home from church, that today we needed to do chores and that we had to volunteer for them. Thankfully my sister's friend came over, and we don't need to do chores while she's here, although this friend is a damned brat. Once when she came over she complained that the Kool-aid was orange instead of grape (or something along those lines). Anyway, my dad got pissed that we didn't volunteer right away, impatient bastard that he is.
Before church this morning, I was reading the PPC, and I'm on the 23rd chapter, I believe. Jay and Acacia rock my socks off. That's one of Emma's sayings, and Emma is one of my maybe-and-maybe-not friends. She can be really bratty and also somewhat nice at times, but most times she's better than Kailyn. Blughh.
Now I *get* to do my Johnny Tremain assignment. As I might have written before, JT is one of the worst books written. If anybody would care to tell me the answer to "How is Rab influencing Johnny with regard to speaking his mind?", please tell me, because I really don't give a damn but I still need to do this assignment.
Ghosties and demons, I saved a paragraph for you. Granted, it's only two sentences long, but it's still your own paragraph.
Stupid popups. I won't rant, because if you use the internet enough to have read this miniscule little thing, you know all about popups. Good for you.
Until next update, goodbye and good riddance to all lurkers. If you read this, please post a comment anywhere. Say "I read this." And then I will know that there actually are ghosties and demons out there, and I will know that I am not alone. No, I have no mental disorders...I don't think....


Nov. 6th, 2004 07:47 am
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Well, today's a Saturday, which means I'm going to have to clean. Of course, any sane person will agree that Saturdays are not the days to clean. Therefore, my parents are insane. At least today I don't have to clean my dad's bathroom, which has a sink that is disgusting. There is hair and whiskers (from when he shaves) all over, and since they've accumulated for a week, one of us unlucky children needs to clean it. I need to clean it next week, though....
Next topic: What topic? Ghosties and demons, do you have any topics for me?
I have an Idea! I will check to see if I have any comments (which I don't, and then I will read PPC, which is second in grandeur to OFUM, and they're at the same site, so it's easy to get to both. Joy!
Farewell, you non-existant ghosties and demons!
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I must have written somewhere that I read a lot. Did I mention that? If I didn't, I'm telling you now. I read a lot.
I carry a lot of books around during the school day. Actually, I only had two today, and one I didn't even open. Anyway, I had dropped my book on the floor at the end of the day, so this immature child, also known as Tom Cerrito, The Bastard, decides that he needs to pick up my book and flaunt that he took it while I was packing my backpack. I go up to him and say, in a nice, polite, civil tone, "Tom, I'd like my book back. Could you please give me my book?"
Of course, being the immature bastard that he is, he dances over to a different table and starts dancing again. There are ten minutes until school's out, so I figure I can finish packing my backpack, and I go to get stuff from my locker. Five minutes later he's still dancing around, "Oh, I've got Maria's book, ha ha, now I'm smart, whatcha gonna do now, Maria, huh, huh?"
And again, I say "Can I have my book back now, Tom?" Of course he doesn't give it back, and this is one of my favorite books, and a library book too. He doesn't know about the Etymologies, but since this is my book, he thinks he's such a man to have stolen it off the floor while I was busy. Sure.
A minute before the school bell rings, he gloats his way out into the hall, where he goes on "I got Maria's book! Ha ha!" Finally he gets the book close enough that I can grab it, and to make sure he lets go, I hit him. Granted, I don't hit him very hard, but at least I'm not a whimpering, whining loser. I would get the book anyway if I asked for it in front of a teacher, but I don't want to be labeled a tattletale or wimpy or loser or any other derogatory names (who does?). That's the first reason that I'm angry today.
Second, is my sister. The bell rings and I walk out of school, carrying a much-too-heavy backpack. This little third-grader starts budging by me like she's a driver with road rage in a traffic jam. I'd like to say to her, "Why are you in such a rush, you fool?" Of course, going to a Catholic school, and being surrounded by teachers and students, I don't. I walk out the front doors and walk straight to the van, and my sister is sitting, smiling, and bouncing in the front seat. I want to slap her.
I get in, and my sister comments that my brother is coming. So I make some remark about nobody caring about her. This is actually true. Nobody is in desperate need of knowing anything she says. She comes right back and says, "I can tell you've had a bad day." Now I don't just want to slap her, now I want to feed her to the garbage disposal.
I answer, "I can tell that you're wrong," because I don't want her to be happy, because it's just so annoying when she is. She's sitting in the front seat like it's a throne. Sure, she might think it's the best seat just because she can GET THE MAIL, but my brother and I really don't give a shit. Then, of course, is Option A of her two settings of attitude: obnoxious, annoying, and perky, and obnoxious, annoying, and whiny. My mom and brother get in and we have to shut up. All right, we don't have to, but if you'd love a lecture on behavior crap for the entire fifteen minutes home, you can bitch all you want in front of my mom.
When we get home, my sister "calls" the computer, because she wants to have fun on it, while I have homework. (I know this isn't homework, but I'm also editing my lab report at the same time.) We both get up to the computer room, and I slip in before my sister. She says, "I want a turn on the computer! Let me have my turn on the computer!"
I calmly break my sister down in six sentences, not being hysterical because of my potential loss of time on the computer. "Angela, wait. You do not need to use the computer. I need to use it for homework. I need to use it more than you do. You do not need to use the computer. Let me use the computer, because I have homework, and you don't." And she starts crying, and she runs downstairs to talk to my mom, because of the great crybaby she is. I try to get her to stop crying, because my mom never assumes that Angela has done something wrong, because I know better than her, and shouldn't I set a good example for her?
My mom comes in the door. "I was right; someone's crying already." I try to explain, but my mom never listens to me when I try to explain. Instead, she waits for herself to ask what went on. I explain, and my mom, expectedly, tells me that Angela should have a turn on the computer, and by that time, Angela's upstairs. She adds, out of Angela's hearing, that homework does take precedence over fun, and I yell so that Angela can hear, but does she? No. She doesn't hear anything of importance, only pony or Barbie or toy crap.
My mom tries to give me a lecture on how Angela never gets a turn on the computer because my brother and I are always on it, but I interrupt, saying that she's always using the TV, and I never get to use the TV. My mom says, "Well, you don't want to use the TV."
I answer that Angela's always using it, and I don't want to watch what she's watching. My mom says that she uses it because my brother and I are always on the computer, and we end up accusing each other of circular logic. I just finish some pieces of
Halloween candy, go upstairs, turn on the computer that my sister has so thoughtfully turned off, and log in. As I write this, my sister is jumping around, onto, or off the big climbing tree in our front yard, and having great fun by the looks of it. Oh yes, now she's playing with the neighbor's dog. I hate dogs.
So, that's my overly joyful end of the school day. My lit test went fairly well, though I didn't get the extra credit. Does anyone know what Nathan Hale is reported to have said before he died? I still have one essay to finish. I finished a 400-page book in school today, called Life of Pi. I also got it this morning in second period from Mariah, not to be confused with Maria.
Oh yes, one other thing that dampened my day was the school election. Kerry lost by 43 votes in our school, which however was nearly 4 times the number of votes given to Nader, who nobody was supposed to vote for at all. There wasn't even a write-in line on the ballot, which was supposed to make it easier and simpler. Two of my friends, though I'm not exactly sure that they are my friends, drew mustaches on Bush (and probably Cheney, too. They didn't say.) The Bastard who stole my book said that he voted for Mickey Mouse, but there were no ballots found, the student council rep from my class said, that had Mickey Mouse on it.
That's my life today. It really only got worse, and now I have homework. Blagh. If ghosties and demons unnamed would like to see my assignment notebook page, it is below:
Lit Vocab
x Essay
Math Stocks
x English Rough draft due Thursday
x Religion None
Science Lab report
x SS Assignment 3
Other LJ, pics for computers
I have not found any suitable pictures for computers yet. All of mine show me really bad, and anyway my mom has all of them.
Well, that's today's report. If you find my livejournal annoying, you can tell me, although I won't care all that much, because I write far too much to delete any of it.
Thought for the day: "But old age does not cut us off from going away, from--from forthsith. There is no eftsith: we can't go back." --Oswin, Alboin's father, fron The Lost Road


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