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Winter is not fun, especially in the morning. Why? First of all, there are sore throats. Do you like having a sore throat? I didn't think so. Every stinking morning I wake up with a sore throat. Then, if I have followed my mother's directions, my mouth is aching from the rubber bands I have to put on my teeth. It hurts really bad. [Note to those who do not know: If it's possible and not (for lack of a better word) illogical, do not get braces. They HURT. Just like Grelvish.] Also, my braces have been rubbing against my gums all night long. That hurts as well. Finally, as any of you part-crazy-part-sane people--who live somewhere you get snow--know, it is COLD. Minnesota is cold. If you live here and you don't know that, I really have to wonder where you think you are. Or maybe you just don't get cold. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that it is cold in the morning in winter. *End of my little rant/essay thing*
So, like any other Saturday, I get to clean, go to basketball, and then be a couch potato all day. Or a beanbag potato. Whatever. I don't think Michael will be at basketball today (because she's on a traveling team too, and they practice the same times we do), so woot woot. I wish it would snow again. Everything looks really icky without snow.
I had a funny dream last night. It was very, very odd. If you don't want to read my long description of it, I suggest that you move ahead a bit.
I was scrying using a metal ruler and some apprentice guy was trying to find this little wooden marble for Lord Xar (from the Death Gate Cycle), who was mixing up potions and lived in a tree. The man couldn't find the marble, but he though it had rolled down the slope of the tree trunk. I was trying to help him, but before that (somehow in my dream there was a flashback) I was trying to collect the "pretty" marbles from some basket while the "normal" marbles, the older family members of the "pretty" ones, tried to get them back by cascading over the side of the basket. This was right outside Xar's study thingamabob. Later (after the flashback) an event happened. There was a wooden bridge over a wide, frozen creek, and three people--a man, a woman, and a baby--came across it. Later, we fixed the event, because I think one or more of the people had died. So I was saying what I saw in the metal ruler, and the woman who had come across the bridge was "fixing fates". She wanted to die by something, and I suggested something less painful. Anyway, they came across the bridge again, and I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I think it all happened the way it was supposed to. Then I fixed the bridge. I was either Sartan or Patryn (kinds of wizard/god races from the Death Gate Cycle), and the bridge-crossers were whichever I wasn't, so they wondered how I had fixed the bridge. The baby pointed it out to them. However, the woman was then shot. After that, I went to see my sister, who was playing Barbies with some new friends. This wasn't all that odd, because she does this all the time. They were playing in a car, with a big, neon-colored, rainbow slide going down the back. I know this because I walked around the car to the back and saw little children going down it. The kids in the car were fighting for some reason. Then I woke up.
And that is the account of one of my countlessly many odd dreams.
Quote for the day: "Rope! I knew I'd want it, if I hadn't got it!" --Sam, from The Lord of ths Rings, with variations in various places


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