Dec. 3rd, 2004 06:59 pm
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Well, I may as well say it. I do have a deviantART account. Now, before you go rushing off over there, let me say these things: I am a photographer. I do not often digitally manipulate my pictures (although I do have a digital camera, which allows me to skip scanning). I am not all that good. And other things. Fable and Erin both have accounts there, but as I am not sure that they have allowed me to tell others about them (?), I will not tell you their account names. If you'd like to look at their journals you may do so.
My sister got some Japanese comic book from the library. I don't care whether it was anime or manga or whatever, so don't bother me about it. I am not into things just because they're Japanese, and I really don't like cartoons. (ETA: Looking through these in Oct/05, I was really amused by this.)
Well, the "rebellious" teen strikes again, ghosties and demons! Aren't you so happy?
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The rebellious teen sneaks another turn on the computer!
My mom's shopping. Does she really expect me to stay off the computer? What a silly idea....
I got my report card today! Woot! I got two B+es (plural?) and the rest were either As or A-es. My gym teacher, who most of the older female students and some others regard as a pervert, said that I do well in gym when I remember my gym clothes. I forgot them once. Once. One is not a big number. My god. "Forgets gym clothes." Whatever.
Other than that (that was one of the B+ classes, the other was social studies), I got a pretty good report card. Go me! I also got 10/10 on a pretest in religion on Islam. It was pretty basic stuff, but not everybody did all that well. Obviously.
Since I really have nothing else to write, ghosties and demons, I will give you my quote of the day and go to do something else.
Quote of the day: "Tonytonytonytonytonytonytonytonytonytonytonytonytonytonytonytonytonytonytonytony..." --Fable, who said this at lunch, trying to persuade Tony to armwrestle her, though I am unclear on the details.
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I.N.S.A.N.E. parents, stupid teachers, and stupid classmates. Will the stupidity never end? Ms. Vogel decided that she needed to talk to me because I got mad at her after my books fell on the floor and she was all perky/happy/oopsie! about it. So we had a "talk" in the hall. I really don't like Ms. Vogel, but she lets me get away with writing my vocab in tengwar, so I really can't be too mad at her. But after that, I yelled at my friend, and I feel really bad about that now. But since none of you know who that friend is, I don't think I'll say any more. However, I do think she forgave me. Maybe.
Anyway, we also had a stupid classmate. Chris, the guy who wrote that one song (yeah! That song! I know the one, it's the one in which someone *sings*), was really stupid in science today. He stuttered, "B-b-but," because he didn't understand something that had been cleared up last week. He was the one who brought it up in the first place. Now here's the kicker: he's actually pretty smart. But he can be really (times one less than infinity) annoying at times. Sometimes he rants about how bigger hands help you play piano, or brags about how little sleep he had. Other times, he's just crazy. And in class, he asks the stupidest questions. It is infuriating, because sometimes you can't figure out exactly what he'll do next. Maybe he'll fly into a rage at you, or he'll laugh at himself, or he'll ignore you, or he'll toss an insult (in the loosest sense of the word) at you.
Anyway, we did vocab today in science. Some of the words were certainly *not* meant to be taken literally. Some had amusing connotations for the more immature in our class. We're studying minerals. Three of the amusing words were vocab; one was a mispronunciation of a mineral. Vocab words: streak, luster, and cleavage; mispronounced word: silicon (as silicone). Harry and Joseph, two of the most immature fools in this school, decided that they needed a private few minutes to laugh their heads off. And Joseph has this crazy laugh. His laugh was the one that set off the avalanche of other laughs in Mr. Backe's class last year that got the entire class a detention. Great, now I'll have to explain this.
What first, in the very beginning, happened is that some of the students liked to put hand sanitizer on each other's chairs. Not exactly harmful by itself, but when somebody sits on it, it can be very embarrassing. The only reason that there was hand sanitizer around was that some wise guy had decided to install hand sanitizer dispenser in each classroom. Anyway, the girl who sat next to me was absent, so the intended victim switched his chair with hers. I sat in the back of the room. The boys on the other side of the chair were pretending to be bad readers, so the sub came back and sat in the chair to talk to them. Right in the puddle of hand sanitizer.
Of course they started laughing, and Joseph always starts laughing when someone else is laughing. It's like his immune system is disfunctional considering laughter. Anyway, he's got this laugh that sounds like a dying hyena, and that set the rest of the class off laughing, most of which had absolutely no idea what had happened in the first place. Probably someone told the rest of the class later, but since nobody went to get a teacher to stop it, we all got detention. Fair? I don't think so. The absent people didn't get detention, and even though some people didn't laugh and even tried to stop the other people from laughing, they, too, received detention. Of course, it wasn't much of a detention, but we still didn't deserve it.
Fun little incident. We got lectured about it from every single different core teacher, and probably a few others. And, of course, the ever-present critics: the parents. My god. All she did was sit on some hand sanitizer and get laughed at. Mind you, if I'd found myself in that position, I would *not* have been remotely near happy. And that attitude is probably what got us all those lectures/punishments, etc.
So, now you have more of my complete background. I'm sure that you ghosties and demons are all positively *thrilled*.
Quote of the day: "... Who's gonna stop me? Little old you?"
"No. Little old them." --Jon Spiro and Artemis Fowl, the latter referring to the Chicago Police Department
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Holy shit. The snowflakes just keep growing...and growing...and growing.... Just a few minutes ago I was telling my mom that I was surprised that the snow wasn't sticking to the driveway. Now the driveway looks like God shook a big container of powdered sugar all over the driveway. If the snow actually covered all the grass, I would begin to believe that it actually was Christmas. Well, some of the trees haven't lost all their leaves yet, but they don't count. Nyah.
The snowflake are actually pretty big, and the weather person said that the snow would stop later this afternoon. Unless this is the dark before the dawn (not exactly dark/dawn though, I like darkness), then the guy was wrong. Maybe the snow can shrink. Oh yes, our (plastic. I'm sorry! I didn't buy it! This is environmentally friendly!) tree is up, as is our wreath, which, I believe, is real.
My paper's done! It's still boring, though.
There's a fly between two windowpanes (the storm window and the inside window). It looks very, very cold, and it won't move. Since flies are cold-blooded, I guess this makes sense.
Our driveway isn't quite covered with snow yet, but it's getting there.
As you may have noticed, most of this is observation. I am very bored, but I don't want to go downstairs to help set up. Also, most of my family is sleeping (according to a few minutes ago update by my mom), so I'd have to be quiet. I'm very good at being quiet by not talking, but not so good at being quiet by not making noise.
All the snow is tiny now. I was right. It did shrink. I pity those of you ghosties and demons who live in Florida. Snow is really an amusing thing.
I'm currently listening to "The Little Drummer Boy" performed with bagpipes. One of the substitutes at our school plays bagpipes really well.
There's nearly no snow in the sky now, but as any inhabitant of the Lower Elements will tell you, "nearly" never won a bucket of squid in Gnommish roulette.*
*Also by Eoin Colfer, in Artemis Fowl (spelled it right again!): The Arctic Incident. Notice how everything I quote seems to be from one of his books. The above quote is a) my most-quoted quote (again, don't bother saying anything whether or not this makes sense to you) and b) the Quote of the Day.
The end.
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Basketball can be very, very, very tiring.
Especially if you're the coach.
My mom, one of our three coaches, played in the little mini-scrimmages we had at the end of our hour-and-a-half practice. It was kind of funny, because her face was all red at the end. On the way to and from basketball, I looked at all the fun stuff on my mom's cell phone. I couldn't figure out how to text message, but it's not as if I'll be using that ever.
I shoveled off most of our driveway this morning. Yes, it is SNOWING, ghosties and demons! *snow dance* And we have a disgustingly enormous driveway.
I'm typing up my Spanish paper intermittently, and if you don't care about my paper on Mi Familia, don't worry. I'm not bothering to put it up here. It's too boring.
My parents and siblings are setting up the Christmas tree, and I decided I didn't want to. So I told them, "Hey, I need to do my homework!" And they said, "All right, honey, go do your homework! But don't forget to come back down to put your ornaments on the tree!" So I'm trying to finish my paper AFAP (as fast as possible) so that I can use the computer for uses other than homework before I have to go downstairs.
My dad's thinking about doing something with the computer that'll let different users be logged in at the same time. No, I don't know what it's called.
Spanish sucks. I used Freetranslation just to check and found about ten errors. Yes, I know that it is very inaccurate, but leaving the accent off e'l (that is supposed to be an accent, not an apostrophe) is very easy.
Quote of the day: "I am very important!" --Me, in my Spanish paper. Obviously, that's a translation.*
*Written first by Eoin Colfer, in Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code (I typed Fowl right the first time! YAH!)
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I tried to update this morning, but livejournal was being *very* stupid. Anyway, my mom has banned me from being on the computer for two days. Being a "rebellious" teenager, I, of course, take every chance I have to go on it. Right now she's running errands.
My sister the brat was over at a friend's house today, after having a sleepover. Stupid social butterfly. I hate butterflies.
My brother got a new game from our cousin for his Gameboy (yes, I know they're outdated). It was a Harry Potter one. He's playing it right now.
I was working on the quilt square (drawn on paper and then somehow, don't ask me how, transfered to cloth squares that will later be sewn together) for my dad's mom's 80th birthday. Yes, she's old. She's still pretty nice, though.
As you can probably see, I got a little icon thing. It's a picture I took of light coming out the door of my parents' room. Isn't it great.
Ghosties and demons, I don't have anything to say to you, except we have no school (still!).
I am not going to do my homework today. It's too boring.
The end, I think.
Quote for the day: "The unlucky ones collided with solid cinderblock walls. Things broke. Not the cinderblocks." --Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code, describing the effects of a sonix grenade. (No, I'm not quite sure what that is, and don't correct me. Correct the author.)
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Wow. My mom threatened to kill me because my sister was kicking me in the butt. "If you touch her, you're dead." What the hell? My sister is a pain in the ass (yes, pun/wordplay intended), but my mom always, always stands up for her, and never for me. My sister totally lied about vacuuming the basement, and it didn't even look like she vacuumed. So, of course, my mom stands up for her even when: 1) there were wrappers on the floor, 2) there were toys on the floor, 3) the couch was still in the middle of the floor, 4) neither my brother nor I had heard the vacuum cleaner on, 5) there were no vacuum marks on the carpet and the vacuum cleaner hadn't moved, and 6) both my brother and I told my mother that she had not vacuumed. My mom can be a pain in the ass, just like my sister, because she never stands up for my brother or me. Evil little bitch.
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If anyone is actually reading this (wait. Someone's reading this?), please go look at my stuff at fictionpress. Please. Just review or add a comment somewhere so that I can see that there are actually live human beings (or other sentient beings that can read English or have some translator thing) that read this. The end.
Served at Mass today. We're having a gigantic fundraising thing ($6 million is the goal) so that we can have a renovation for the church. Gah. They're adding something between the school and church, and they're adding a fucking kitchen. A kitchen. My God (not literally). They're going to be adding a load of other stuff, most of which I can understand, but a fucking kitchen? I think not.
Went to an open house at the neighbors'. I ate chocolate-covered pretzels and watched the football game (Detroit vs. Vikings). The pretzels were very good. My sister's friend came over, except I'm not sure that my sister wants to have her over sometimes. The last time she came over, my sister's other friends (read: people who she met the day before and spontaneously decided to be friends with her and to whom she spontaneously decided to become a friend) came over, and my sister just abandoned her first friend. My sister is disgustingly social, while I am the opposite. I hate parties; she would do anything rather than sit alone in her room. I think the only reason she plays with Barbies still is that she's so desperate to have friends over (we live ten miles away from all her long-time friends (read: female --and one male-- classmates that alternate between enemies and best friends)) that she makes the Barbies her friends.
It's not all that weird, considering all the time I spend reading/writing/on the computer. That's made up for my [not exactly lack, but considerably lower number than many people of] friends. None of the kids in my neighborhood are around my age, except for one girl who is a few years younger than me and still played with dolls the last time I checked and a boy who is a year older than me and who is stealing my brother's businesses, like lawn mowing, raking, and shoveling snow (and my jobs, a bit, though since I don't help him deliver ads/flyers, I have kind of not been considered part of it since late summer).
That's my essay on friends. I am sure that you found it entirely delightful.
Thought for the day: "I don't like lollipops." --Artemis Fowl II, from Artemis Fowl
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Gah. Won basketball last night and am SO tired. Got a review that said one of my stories was cheesy. "I can see that you like cheese on your stories, 'cause this one sure is cheesy."
However, it was from someone who doesn't think homosexuals, lesbians, and gays are human. What a *silly* (read idiotic, biased, stupid, fucking crazy, etc.) person. (Notice I did not say human being, because of the above. I don't think he/she is gay/lesbian, but if you think like that, then why should we call you a human being? No, I'm not lesbian either.) Since the pen name is MrsFlames, I can only guess that he/she only goes around criticizing other people's stories. I have thought up a few different responses:
1) No, no, no. I like scrambled eggs much better.
2) Oh, I'm so glad that you took the time to review my story. Thanks for the *constructive* criticism! I'm so happy that you *enjoyed* my story.
3) No, it's not cheesy. It's just not how you would write it. I describe magic one way, you might describe it another way.
And some other ones. I'm sure you ghosties and demons have better suggestions, but I don't really care. Good for you.
Thought for the day: My head hurts. Go ask someone else.
*This is for the mood bit, because I can't write any more there: mildly annoyed at MrsFlames, but deciding to shrug it off, because *silly* people like that are just so *silly* and other things.


Nov. 18th, 2004 03:17 pm
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Homework, the bane of all educated human beings, has now come to my door and is threatening to eat me alive, in the form of my afternoon-class teachers.
Seriously, I have way too much homework, and there's a soccer party tonight. I have absolutely no wish whatsoever to be there, but my mom insists that I go. Stupid, stupid person.
Here is, for all you ghosties and demons, an update on my short, boring life.
I woke up and fell back asleep. Seven minutes later my mom wakes me up again. I take a shower. I go to school. I get homework. I decide to start reading the Latin book I checked out of the library yesterday. Yes, what a pathetic life I have. I listen to Abye going "HELL no!" and receive a sucker that a classmate had gotten from the school store. I go home. I type this. I go to check on my fictionpress account (I'm elenbarathi there). I do my homework, go to the party, and go back to doing my homework. The end.
Lovely and interesting, no?
That's my update. I have the utmost confidence that you were thoroughly delighted by it.
Thought for the day: "Potatoes are feet!" --Me, while trying to say that /papas/ in Spanish are potatoes and /pies/ are feet


Nov. 7th, 2004 12:22 pm
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Gah. My father decided, on the way home from church, that today we needed to do chores and that we had to volunteer for them. Thankfully my sister's friend came over, and we don't need to do chores while she's here, although this friend is a damned brat. Once when she came over she complained that the Kool-aid was orange instead of grape (or something along those lines). Anyway, my dad got pissed that we didn't volunteer right away, impatient bastard that he is.
Before church this morning, I was reading the PPC, and I'm on the 23rd chapter, I believe. Jay and Acacia rock my socks off. That's one of Emma's sayings, and Emma is one of my maybe-and-maybe-not friends. She can be really bratty and also somewhat nice at times, but most times she's better than Kailyn. Blughh.
Now I *get* to do my Johnny Tremain assignment. As I might have written before, JT is one of the worst books written. If anybody would care to tell me the answer to "How is Rab influencing Johnny with regard to speaking his mind?", please tell me, because I really don't give a damn but I still need to do this assignment.
Ghosties and demons, I saved a paragraph for you. Granted, it's only two sentences long, but it's still your own paragraph.
Stupid popups. I won't rant, because if you use the internet enough to have read this miniscule little thing, you know all about popups. Good for you.
Until next update, goodbye and good riddance to all lurkers. If you read this, please post a comment anywhere. Say "I read this." And then I will know that there actually are ghosties and demons out there, and I will know that I am not alone. No, I have no mental disorders...I don't think....


Nov. 6th, 2004 07:47 am
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Well, today's a Saturday, which means I'm going to have to clean. Of course, any sane person will agree that Saturdays are not the days to clean. Therefore, my parents are insane. At least today I don't have to clean my dad's bathroom, which has a sink that is disgusting. There is hair and whiskers (from when he shaves) all over, and since they've accumulated for a week, one of us unlucky children needs to clean it. I need to clean it next week, though....
Next topic: What topic? Ghosties and demons, do you have any topics for me?
I have an Idea! I will check to see if I have any comments (which I don't, and then I will read PPC, which is second in grandeur to OFUM, and they're at the same site, so it's easy to get to both. Joy!
Farewell, you non-existant ghosties and demons!
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Today, I found out that Bush won, which sucks. Therefore it's also a minus.
Then I had to rake for an hour. That sucks also. Of course, I did get to not rake for an hour. We had a leaf-jumping competition. First was me, Maria the Magnificent; then my sister, Angela the something or other; then my brother, John Paul the Pope; then me, Maria the Master of Jumps, Twists, and Turns; then my sister, Angela the something; and finally me, as Artemis Fowl. I walked to the leaves, took a tiny, abysmally small hop, and fell. Granted, Arty wouldn't be in a leaf-jumping contest in the first place, but it was amusing. My mom got the Pope and my sister's first jump on video (and we have a great hulking thing of a video recorder. You actually have to put videos in it.) My brother and I took turns being announcers, judges, and other people. It was really amusing. We decided on outrageous point stuff (like if you had leaves in your hair, you got extra points), and we decided one of our judges was a drunk idiot, and we escorted the judge from the field. My brother did a great job as the Pope, and my sister's second jump was really amusing. First, we had a (staged) controversy over whether or not she went out of bounds, and then she went crazy and sat on me. I had to call security. My voice still hurts from being the announcer. So in the activity of leaf raking, a plus and a minus.
Nobody stole my books today. That's a plus.
Tomorrow I need to go in early to finish my lit test. That's a minus.
I finished translating the eighth paragraph of Eragon. A plus.
I remembered my piano stuff (which I haven't remembered for the first months of school). A plus.
I've got a rough draft to finish. A minus.
I need to finish my math, and we have a math test tomorrow. A minus.
I feel cold and sick and hungry, though that might be because a) I'm wearing a t-shirt, b) I ate too much candy, or c) I'm having dinner in about 24 minutes. A minus.
We're going on a day-long field trip Friday, and we have TWO BUSSES. A plus.
Let's add up my day: Negative 1. I had a mildly bad day. Fun.
Thought for the day: If you miss coming in to finish a literature test, don't feel bad if your teacher doesn't let you come in at a different date.
Second Thought for the day: "I will take the Ring, though I do not know the way." --Frodo, The Lord of the Rings (page 264)
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I must have written somewhere that I read a lot. Did I mention that? If I didn't, I'm telling you now. I read a lot.
I carry a lot of books around during the school day. Actually, I only had two today, and one I didn't even open. Anyway, I had dropped my book on the floor at the end of the day, so this immature child, also known as Tom Cerrito, The Bastard, decides that he needs to pick up my book and flaunt that he took it while I was packing my backpack. I go up to him and say, in a nice, polite, civil tone, "Tom, I'd like my book back. Could you please give me my book?"
Of course, being the immature bastard that he is, he dances over to a different table and starts dancing again. There are ten minutes until school's out, so I figure I can finish packing my backpack, and I go to get stuff from my locker. Five minutes later he's still dancing around, "Oh, I've got Maria's book, ha ha, now I'm smart, whatcha gonna do now, Maria, huh, huh?"
And again, I say "Can I have my book back now, Tom?" Of course he doesn't give it back, and this is one of my favorite books, and a library book too. He doesn't know about the Etymologies, but since this is my book, he thinks he's such a man to have stolen it off the floor while I was busy. Sure.
A minute before the school bell rings, he gloats his way out into the hall, where he goes on "I got Maria's book! Ha ha!" Finally he gets the book close enough that I can grab it, and to make sure he lets go, I hit him. Granted, I don't hit him very hard, but at least I'm not a whimpering, whining loser. I would get the book anyway if I asked for it in front of a teacher, but I don't want to be labeled a tattletale or wimpy or loser or any other derogatory names (who does?). That's the first reason that I'm angry today.
Second, is my sister. The bell rings and I walk out of school, carrying a much-too-heavy backpack. This little third-grader starts budging by me like she's a driver with road rage in a traffic jam. I'd like to say to her, "Why are you in such a rush, you fool?" Of course, going to a Catholic school, and being surrounded by teachers and students, I don't. I walk out the front doors and walk straight to the van, and my sister is sitting, smiling, and bouncing in the front seat. I want to slap her.
I get in, and my sister comments that my brother is coming. So I make some remark about nobody caring about her. This is actually true. Nobody is in desperate need of knowing anything she says. She comes right back and says, "I can tell you've had a bad day." Now I don't just want to slap her, now I want to feed her to the garbage disposal.
I answer, "I can tell that you're wrong," because I don't want her to be happy, because it's just so annoying when she is. She's sitting in the front seat like it's a throne. Sure, she might think it's the best seat just because she can GET THE MAIL, but my brother and I really don't give a shit. Then, of course, is Option A of her two settings of attitude: obnoxious, annoying, and perky, and obnoxious, annoying, and whiny. My mom and brother get in and we have to shut up. All right, we don't have to, but if you'd love a lecture on behavior crap for the entire fifteen minutes home, you can bitch all you want in front of my mom.
When we get home, my sister "calls" the computer, because she wants to have fun on it, while I have homework. (I know this isn't homework, but I'm also editing my lab report at the same time.) We both get up to the computer room, and I slip in before my sister. She says, "I want a turn on the computer! Let me have my turn on the computer!"
I calmly break my sister down in six sentences, not being hysterical because of my potential loss of time on the computer. "Angela, wait. You do not need to use the computer. I need to use it for homework. I need to use it more than you do. You do not need to use the computer. Let me use the computer, because I have homework, and you don't." And she starts crying, and she runs downstairs to talk to my mom, because of the great crybaby she is. I try to get her to stop crying, because my mom never assumes that Angela has done something wrong, because I know better than her, and shouldn't I set a good example for her?
My mom comes in the door. "I was right; someone's crying already." I try to explain, but my mom never listens to me when I try to explain. Instead, she waits for herself to ask what went on. I explain, and my mom, expectedly, tells me that Angela should have a turn on the computer, and by that time, Angela's upstairs. She adds, out of Angela's hearing, that homework does take precedence over fun, and I yell so that Angela can hear, but does she? No. She doesn't hear anything of importance, only pony or Barbie or toy crap.
My mom tries to give me a lecture on how Angela never gets a turn on the computer because my brother and I are always on it, but I interrupt, saying that she's always using the TV, and I never get to use the TV. My mom says, "Well, you don't want to use the TV."
I answer that Angela's always using it, and I don't want to watch what she's watching. My mom says that she uses it because my brother and I are always on the computer, and we end up accusing each other of circular logic. I just finish some pieces of
Halloween candy, go upstairs, turn on the computer that my sister has so thoughtfully turned off, and log in. As I write this, my sister is jumping around, onto, or off the big climbing tree in our front yard, and having great fun by the looks of it. Oh yes, now she's playing with the neighbor's dog. I hate dogs.
So, that's my overly joyful end of the school day. My lit test went fairly well, though I didn't get the extra credit. Does anyone know what Nathan Hale is reported to have said before he died? I still have one essay to finish. I finished a 400-page book in school today, called Life of Pi. I also got it this morning in second period from Mariah, not to be confused with Maria.
Oh yes, one other thing that dampened my day was the school election. Kerry lost by 43 votes in our school, which however was nearly 4 times the number of votes given to Nader, who nobody was supposed to vote for at all. There wasn't even a write-in line on the ballot, which was supposed to make it easier and simpler. Two of my friends, though I'm not exactly sure that they are my friends, drew mustaches on Bush (and probably Cheney, too. They didn't say.) The Bastard who stole my book said that he voted for Mickey Mouse, but there were no ballots found, the student council rep from my class said, that had Mickey Mouse on it.
That's my life today. It really only got worse, and now I have homework. Blagh. If ghosties and demons unnamed would like to see my assignment notebook page, it is below:
Lit Vocab
x Essay
Math Stocks
x English Rough draft due Thursday
x Religion None
Science Lab report
x SS Assignment 3
Other LJ, pics for computers
I have not found any suitable pictures for computers yet. All of mine show me really bad, and anyway my mom has all of them.
Well, that's today's report. If you find my livejournal annoying, you can tell me, although I won't care all that much, because I write far too much to delete any of it.
Thought for the day: "But old age does not cut us off from going away, from--from forthsith. There is no eftsith: we can't go back." --Oswin, Alboin's father, fron The Lost Road
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Today, my friend lost her necklace thingamabob, made of loads of those little things that are metal, little balls. You know what I'm talking about? No. All right then. It was about five or six feet long, and she lost it, and another person found it, and I saw the person with the thingamabob, and I said that that was my friend's thingamabob, and she said that I could take it. That was a long sentence. I also sold ice cream today at lunch. We took in $22.50 this lunch period. I think we'll have an election (a school election) tomorrow, and Kerry'll probably win. I didn't get lots of candy last night, but that doesn't matter, because I'll eat it really fast anyway or give it away, and it'll just be gone faster. I am writing very oddly today. Perhaps I had too much sugar. We need to do a Christmas program at our school and it sucks, partially because it's cheesy, part because the script sucks, part because our school is poor and infinitesimally small (two things: sorry, Artemis and we've got less than 500 students in nine grades), part because nobody likes the program and don't even try, and part other reasons.
We got too many assignments today. Note the "ass" in assignments. I told my friend, whose livejournal I read, that we should turn our teachers into penguins and mail them to Antarctica. My comment was modeled off one of her comments, but she didn't realize that and so she told me "Oh, I wrote something like that in my livejournal." She was the one who lost the necklace thingamabob. I'm set design for the program, and I'm not sure if I actually want to do a good job or to screw it up entirely because our program can't get much more low-tech.
I don't have anything else to write about, except that my friend whose livejournal I read and whose necklace thingamabob was lost got us a late start today, so we started school fifty minutes later. Woot woot.
What can I say to my faithful ghosties and demons? Could I say thanks for reading this? All right, thanks for reading this.
Some guy just walked on our yard, stopped in the middle of it, turned 90 degrees to his right, and walked off. He's not one of our neighbors, which isn't so weird in the first place because we only have six adult neighbors, a neighbor kid, and a group home. But I don't see a car in the culdesac. That part is odd, because why would he be walking on our lawn? Whatever.
Goodbye, faithful ghosties and demons!
Thought for the Day: "I am Eragon."
"Is that who you are or your name?" -Eragon, by Christopher Paolini
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School today was so boring. All right, I just sounded like I go to Vis, but I don't. (Vis is short for Visitation of something, and it's a school that my friends and I consider preppy. And also bad.) We've got loads of homework this weekend. I've got to finish my hellish St. Paul project and work on another Johnny Tremain thingamabob, and then I've got something else that I forgot but that will take another hour or two.
My teachers need a break.
So bored....
This is the fourth paragraph.
This is the fifth paragraph.
This is still boring.
Basketball starts Friday, fron 7 to 8, and I'm busy then. We've got loads of Friday practices, but at least it's somewhat regular. We have practice also every Tuesday, and a tournament before Thanksgiving.
But soccer's over!
My brother, sister, and I made a Fox and Goose maze in the front yard, but a neighbor girl came over (she's about three) kinda messed it up. It was fun for a while. Also, the neigbors' dog came over. My brother and I climbed a tree. I like simple sentences.
Oh: I forgot to write this yesterday. This kid in my class shaved his head. He looks really ugly. That's not to say that he wasn't ugly before, but now he looks even uglier. Is that possible?
Thought for the day: What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?
My answer: Everything that is worth doing.
Rhetorical question, and Second Thought of the Day: What is worth doing?
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My mom's back from bringing my sister to gymnastics, and my brother's at hockey. I really ought to start typing that, but I don't exactly feel like it.
To ye ghosties and demons: I'm sorry I forgot to mention you last entry--no, don't kill me, please--really, I mean it--go away!
*intermission of a few minutes while elenbarathi12 battles angry ghosties and demons, loses, and is reincarnated*
Gah, my mom's here. I get to eat dinner now, and in using the word "get", I was being sarcastic. I can't bring food up here, as I would spill it on the computer, and I don't want to get up again. Yes, my legs actually moved their lazy selves. It's shocking. Anyway, I have decided to go eat. Not that ye little ghosties and demons care--see, I mentioned you!
Second thought for the day: Blackness and darkness are not necessarily evil; you just can't see in it.
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I finished most of my homework (except for my gigantic religion project on Saint Paul, who I really don't care that much about anyway). I finished the first unit of Johnny Tremain, which ranks right around there with Emma as the most boring book ever. It goes way too fast. The court scene is hardly three pages, while the description of Lavinia Lyte takes up nearly a page.
My brother cannot type, so I get to type for him, even though my mom wants my brother to improve his typing skills, although she should at least see that he takes a minute to type an entire sentence. It's pretty sad how slowly he types, but at least he knows it.
School today: pointless and boring. I forgot my gym clothes again, but my pickleball partner won our game. Woot. We're undefeated. I also broke a mirror at the end of the school day, but I decided it wasn't technically "broken" and therefore I wouldn't have bad luck. It'll be really funny if I actually do get seven years of bad luck, but I don't believe it.
We're doing the distributive property in math, but since I already did the homework for the entire unit, I didn't pay much attention. I made some remark about Jesus and the Holy Trinity being schizophrenic in religion class (you know, three in one; human nature and divine nature in one person).
We also had school pics today, which I didn't smile for, so the camera guy said, "See you at retakes". Today was retakes, so I said so. I hate pictures.
Currently the CD is on Time Warp and it is a weird song, but I have no choice really, or at least my ears don't, because my legs decided they want to sit here for a while. My ears told them they'd fall asleep, and they decided to move around a bit.
My social studies/science teacher is kind of stupid: she made a packet on frog dissection, and I found ten runons on one page.
Ha, I thought of something to write. The CD just changed to Love Potion # 9, my favorite song on the entire CD, which shows just how bad the entire CD is.
It just finished raining a half hour or hour ago. All right, maybe I shouldn't use the word "just", but time on the computer goes so fast. Whatever....
Thought for the day: A straight road lay westward; now it is broken.
(C) J.R.R. Tolkien
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Nothing good happened at school today-the other class just dissected frogs. They were "blah" about it. My friend created some werewolf, whose first name I have forgotten but whose last name, I believe, is Fitzgerald. I found out that I left my shoes at my friends' house yesterday before soccer practice. Our soccer game, tonight at 6:50, will be in the dark and very cold. It's Minnesota; what do you expect?
I am currently reading The Amber Spyglass. Well, technically I am typing in this journal for all you little ghosties out there. Yes, demons, I did remember you, but as I said before, if my friends keep killing you, you might be knocked off the list. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
I also remember that I promised some writing thing. I've changed that to read something along the lines of: If you actually want me to write anything, you can ask me or reply or something. I think. However you do that.
I might write later, if I can convince my mother somehow that it is homework.
Thought for the day: Suicide is running away from one's problems.


Oct. 26th, 2004 06:10 pm
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We dissected frogs today, as I'm sure you can see from the subject. It actually was fun, though some of my classmates went overboard (*cough*Mark*cough* although none of you know who Mark is), and most frogs were missing some appendage by the end of class. Ours was missing a foot. Erin's group found the frog's brain, which is smaller than yours. (Oops. I meant the frog's toes.) Mark's frog was no more than a bag of guts after he was done with it. I did not dissect; I took notes. Everyone in the class went to get a breath of fresh air now and then, but some people even needed to leave the room. I suppose it was gross. Now that I think about what I was actually doing, I feel disgusting.
I go to a private school, so we have uniforms. I wear mine all the time and hardly bother with out of uniform days. Why? It's because I'm me, I suppose. Anyway, we were out of uniform today because we were dissecting frogs. I didn't remember until I was supposed to be in the car and going to school. So I took the clothes that were intended for soccer practice and changed into those in about ten seconds. Well, maybe it was slower, but I was late anyway. At school I remembered that I had forgotten my gym clothes, so I carried a pair of shorts in and just took off my sweatshirt for gym. We were only playing pickleball, so it really didn't matter if I had worn some great big poofy gown.
I also used the clothes for soccer. We needed to do killers (which, obviously, kill), and then we played "Cabeza Manos", a Spanish variant of Head Catch. I'm not sure about the punctuation, but at least I'm using capital letters. It's a game, in case none of you ghosties or demons have played it, in which a group of people (such as a soccer team) stands in a circle, with one person (a soccer coach) in the middle. The person in the middle throws the ball to the people on the outside, saying either "Head" or "Catch". To make life interesting, the people do the exact opposite, and if you don't, you're out. We play by effort sometimes (that is, if someone doesn't quite get it but obviously tried, they stay in). One of our coaches, who is from Guatemala, came up with "Cabeza Manos" ("Head Hands") and promised chiclets for the winners (Erin, and two other people).
Then I got a Subway sandwich (or my mom got me one), six inches of which is going to be tomorrow's lunch. I love Subway, but my sister hates it.
A side note: in the previous entry, I wrote what one could call an essay on the annoyingness (?) of my sister. Please do not take this as everyday behavior, as my sister is currently in one of her nice moods, and she is soon to be bothering me by looking over my shoulder. I could always pretend to be doing homework, though.
I shall (what a silly word) write more later, not that anyone except my faithful ghosties and demons will read it.


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