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Ha! It's finally snowing IN MINNESOTA! Of course I have to shovel, though. I got another $12.50 this morning for helping my brother shovel the neighbors' driveway, but seeing as I am only thirteen it has, of course, a larger value to me than it actually has.

But it's snowing! We haven't had any decent snow this year until now. Apparently we've had the latest decent snowfall this year than any other year in Minnesota. But now it's snowing. Le woot.
In Performing Arts today (which nearly everyone hates) we had this stupid little film thing where we were going to say what was !great! about my school. Naturally nobody had anything that wasn't either cheesy or insulting, so we made stuff up. It was godawful, but if was so funny! Laugh at us. Oh yes, we filmed this and are supposedly planning on showing it to the rest of the school. Read and either laugh or cry or whatever, but whatever you do, let me warn you: it is so much better if you see it live.

Joey and co. are first. After the first three people've said their bits, he interrupts with a broadcast thingy: "Attention. There is a tornado in, well, this county." And he stands up and spins around like a tornado, going "Woooo, wooooo". The other kids get up and do the exact same thing. And then he goes and pretends to puke in a corner. That one wins the prize for second-funniest. The next one is pretty boring, but Joey doesd his spinning thing in that one too, at the end.

Then comes Emma's. Dear God. Michael and I are laughing so hard at this one that we start crying. It is just so fucking funny. Emma says something to the effect of "What we've learned at is simple. Share the love!" So she does this gesture with her arms like in the Spongebob episode where Spongebob and Patrick are sitting in the box and using their "imgainaaaation"! And her voice was just so damn funny! So she turns and says, "Cue music!" And this stupid music comes on, and the four of them are dancing--well, going from side to side and clapping with the beat, but they all start laughing just because it is so stupid, what they're doing, and it's just so damn stupid--but you can't tell the music from the laughter. Tom starts sneaking off the edge of the video camera's vision, so you can't see him, and he sits down, and then Emma runs off too, and there are two people left, and finally they just give up, and we don't applaud them because we're all too busy laughing. Joey comes on with his tornado bit, but Emma's wins funniest prize hands down.

Then there's another boring one, and then ours. Michael and Brian and Kevin can't really think of anything good to say about our school, so we improvise--only after Michael's done saying that we can't think of anything. I start saying something stupid about the rollerskating field trip, and then Michael comes in saying that she's only had one Catholic Schools Week at our school (she came here last year). Then was Brian. Brian's one of the funniest kids in the grade. He's got this little monologue, which really isn't all that funny, but to us, it's hilarious. "I remember my first Catholic Schools Week. Actually, I don't, but I'm sure it was great." And the stupidity of that remark just sets us off laughing again. Then someone demands that Brian do a cartwheel, and he does one right on the stage, and it really isn't a cartwheel at all, but it's so funny and we're all so drunk on laughing that its stupidity just makes it so much funnier. And then we're over, and the last groups go out. We've got third place for funniness, I think.

And then we watch them on tape, after we're all done, and we crack up again, and again, and again just watching it. But not as much as the first time. Because it's not quite the same. Because it's so much funnier when you actually see it. Because you wish you could do it again and you can't. It's just not the same.
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