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Decided not to wear my outfit to the Renaissance fair this year w/Erin and Fable BECAUSE IT WAS COLD AND I AM SICK. So naturally when I go around with you two in your elaborate outfits I am the weird traveler from another land. Thanks, guys.

The pickle men at the Ren. fair are such perverrrrtttssss s;kldfja;skj but I suppose that's part of their job descriptions. "Would you like one of my large pickles, young woman? Fill you up right!" and augh.

Woman in the stocks accused of being a nymph. Oh, how true. And she was really fucking drunk. It was rather trainwrecky.

Circulo calls on the way home from the Ren. fair. NOT MINE ANYMORE THANK GOD. I was not the one shouting "yo no necesito bail money", so I think I'm good.

Erin finished four volumes of my Bleach AND GOT THEM BACK TO ME FINALLY BITCH


Because according to the batshit religion department at Brother Cretin's Institute for the Criminally Catholic, Faith is a verb. WELL FAITH YOU.

Obviously you don't understand what the hell a verb is, or you would be using the word completely differently.

This guy, however, is my hero.

To my dear crazy grammatically-challenged religion teacher and my equally language-impeded classmates: A participle is not the same thing as a gerund, and a progressive participle is not the same as a perfect participle, and a participle need not end in -ing, and let me reiterate: PARTICIPLES AND GERUNDS ARE NOT THE SAME FUCKING THING. Verbs and action words are also completely different, but that's a rant for another time since I have the feeling I'll waste a few pages on this.

To make this simple, I will only use the terms as they are used in English because honestly, English's is the only language pattern most people in my school are capable of following, and that's evidently a struggle at some points.

The forms of the progressive participle and the gerund of any verb are the "-ing" forms that you have no doubt seen if you have read one entire paragraph of English. While they may be spelled the same, they are not used the same. Just because the progressive participle stole the gerund's suffix DOES NOT MEAN they are used the same.

Participles are forms of verbs that work with other verbs (e.g., I am running, I have run; I am walking, I have walked; I am speaking, I have spoken). Note the auxiliary verbs preceding each italicized participle. Gerunds are forms of verbs that work as nouns: what are commonly known as "nominalizations" in linguistics. E.g.: Running is fun. I want to practice swimming the backstroke. Speaking in front of a crowd can be nerve-wracking. Notice that the full object of the second sentence is "swimming the backstroke", since the phrase is a nominalization of the verbal phrase "to swim the backstroke"; likewise for the subject of the third sentence.

PARTICIPLES work as VERBS. GERUNDS work as NOUNS. PARTICIPLES are found in conjunction with AUXILIARY VERBS. GERUNDS form a sentence's SUBJECT or OBJECT (or the OBJECT OF A PREPOSITION).


While I'm on the subject, a word cannot be a gerund or progressive participle in English if it does not end in -ing. There are many irregular perfect participles, but generally if it does not end in n, d, or t, it is not a perfect participle. Since I am pretty fucking sure there are no words *"faithing" or *"faithed", and since generally verbing produces regular verbs (of whose conjugations the above pseudo-examples are prime examples), there is no such verb as "to faith".

And even if there is, FUCK YOU.

Am sorely tempted to spray-paint "RACINE HATES GRAMMAR" all over the religion office but I have a feeling they'd know who it was.

Okay, I'm done.

Date: 2007-09-18 11:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] artangst.livejournal.com
LOl, you have bleach maid. be glad I AM A BENEVOLENT MASTER!!

Date: 2007-09-19 02:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] elenbarathi12.livejournal.com
wait what?

You're not making any sense. AND I CAN SPOIL YOU AT ANY TIME, DON'T FORGET. which is uhh a rather lame threat.

Fuck this, I've got MP's assignment to write.

Which is like a paragraph but whatever, it's MP....


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