May. 2nd, 2006


May. 2nd, 2006 06:52 pm
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...augh. My dad's gone all spastic and declared that I must, simply must get a job this summer! Or something, anyway; anything's better than sitting around at home reading books. That's so boring, of course, and you'll go ahead and do nothing and this summer you'll be wondering why you're bored! Besides, you must utilize your talents, even though they consist mainly of reading, having a dirty mind, and thinking you're funny when you're not. And badminton. Badminton is crucial, says my father.

Actually, that's not what he says. What he says is more like, "You need to do something else over the summer, something besides read." I don't think I ever got a really good explanation for why I need to do this. And apparently it is hypocritical of me to say that my brother has a full schedule...What? My dad's so fucking stupid at times.

He said, "I'm going to wait at the table until you tell me what you're going to do this summer." I left, because he didn't say anything about me staying (EEEEEE SEMANTICS) and naturally he got pissed and told me to sit down and shut the fuck up though not in those exact words. More like "Where the hell do you think you're going?" Meh. I finally placated him by shoving him a bunch of BS about going and talking to Ms. Reding in the guidance office about volunteer opportunities.

My mom just came into the library and showed me a booklet (OMGWTFBBQ BOOKLET!!?!?!!???!?) and said I didn't show a lot of initiative. Well, if you hadn't bloody shoved me forward a grade and effectively cut off all my social knowledge up to that point, maybe I wouldn't be Ms. Outcast Freak who is Weird and Smart and That's About Bloody Well All and who is Trying Not to be Ms. Outcast Freak who is Weird and Smart and That's About Bloody Well All. Gah.

Called the two hotlines (seasonal/part time employment, and the volunteer one): the S/PTE one said all the spots were filled, and the volunteer one asked me to leave my name and address after the beep for a brochure, so I did that. I also went to the St. Paul website and looked under the jobs/internships/volunteers tab and found a few things, although I'd already passed the one I wanted to do, at the Conservatory, by about a month and a half.

My sister just barged in. Bloody hell. Is the rest of the family going to invade my room? Eh? It may as well be my room. Nobody else leaves their dirty clothes on the floor here or spreads their papers all over the room, or spends as much time on the computer as I do, or.... Yeah. See what I mean.

I really, really need to work on my health project...but I want ice cubes right now. And the tables hate me.


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