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May. 4th, 2006 09:06 pm
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Entry reposted from DeviantArt.

Right, so I beg my mom to let me watch the season finale of Supernatural (two brothers and a dad going demon-hunting. Very interesting). She finally gives in about a minute before the show starts. All right, I'm thinking, this is good, Supernatural. Whee!


Watching, watching. Oh, look. Escape, wow, cool though not entirely unforeseen. Ooh, that was clever! Poor girl, possessed by a demon for a year, now dying from injuries sustained while she was possessed and which didn't take effect until the demon was exorcised. How sad, etc. etc. Regular emotions watching a show. Five minutes from the end: Rather emotional scene near the end where Dad AKA John gets possessed by the demon and in a rare moment of control begs his son (Son A* AKA Sam) to shoot him with their special this-kills-anything gun with only one bullet left, and kill both him and the demon (Son B* AKA Dean has just been nearly killed by demon/Dad and is begging Son A not to do it). Son A does not shoot Dad, and in doing so lets the demon escape but does not kill his father. All is well and good. They drive to the hospital, and Dad is yelling at Son A for not killing the demon when he had the chance.

The demon possesses a truck driver and runs them off the road with a semi. Cue happy Western music; pass over bloodied unmoving faces which are clearly the faces of dead people.

End of show.

Fucking hell. Fucking hell. Fucking hell.

Cheap way out? Maybe. At least I know the show won't be airing again; you've pissed off too many viewers to start showing again unless you resurrect them in the next season, and THAT won't be contrived, oh no. (Though if they succeed in doing this without making it look contrived I may just have to propose to one of them.) And if they start the show up again with different characters I may just have to kill all of them. You can't just kill off all the main characters, especially when there's been this constant undercurrent of hope--we're going to kill the demon that killed our mom (and Son A's girlfriend)!--and expect people to be all right with that!

Another thing that bothered me (though it pales in comparison with the above) was how they went through a series of episodes where Sam had divinitory dreams/headaches and found out he was telekinetic, and that that was part of the reason why the demon they were chasing tried to kill him/his family but only succeeded in burning up his mom in an extraordinarily creepy fashion (telekinetically pinned to the ceiling by this demon and spattering blood on the ground). The same thing happened to his girlfriend Jess, though she dripped blood on him instead of onto the ground.

So then when the demon/Dad freely gives up the gun and tells him to try to get it, he can't. Even under emotional stress when the demon/Dad is killing Dean by something that looked like eating away at his skin and flesh, or burning through it somehow, or pulling his heart out, he can't do it. He did it before and stopped another telekinetic's stepmom from getting stabbed through the eye by that other telekinetic--why can't he do it now? Kind of bothered me, even though that's entirely nothing beside the entire EVERYONE'S DEAD, ISN'T THAT GREAT? bit that the show ended with.

I suppose it's rather selfish of me to say all this, since I'm planning a story in which everybody ends up getting killed by the end of the book, but I cared about Sam and Dean and John, dammit! I didn't want them to die! I wanted them to have a happy ending!

But they're all fucking dead now and it doesn't even matter. It wasn't even like the Bartimaeus trilogy**, in which only one of the three characters I cared about died, and at least he did so in a very heroic fashion. And he was an asshole before and got literarily redeemed, and stopped being an asshole and went back to being the Nathaniel I read the books for and who I hoped would come back after he became a major asshole near the end of the second book and beginning of the third. And none of the Supernatural characters were assholes regularly.

Bugger. I'm ranting and whining. Maybe I should go post this at LJ.

*A and B are rather misleading since Dean was the elder of the two sons.

**Remind me to write about that sometime.


And so now I'm just putting this here, and I'll maybe post an addendum or something later that showcases what I liked about the finale.

And I found the outline for the story I want to do for my personal June NaNo (so it'd be PeNoWriMo--on second thought, let's scrap that. Maybe MyNoWriMo. Better). So that's good, at least.
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