Apr. 6th, 2006 04:47 pm
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It's all dark and rainy out. Much love. It was actually just couldy earlier today but that was just stupid. And stupid. And stupid. If there's one type of weather I hate (other than nasty hot-and-muggy) it's cloudy-with-no-rain. I mean, what's the point of clouds without precipitation? Exactly.

Just another normal day. Basketball in gym. The lights just flickered which is rather ominous but nothing to worry about--it just happened twice more. I'm a bit worried.

And again.

All right, so we're not in danger of impending doom (read: sudden electrocution). Values sucked more than normal today since Polus handed back the wage packets (some of them; I didn't get mine since "he wasn't done with some of them"--so why hand the rest back?) and nearly everybody in our class got points off for not including the minimum wage paragraph, which--note--wasn't even an assignment. There was all a big angry at Polus but he kept telling us that "three-quarters of the class knew about it"--transparently a lie since it was three-quarters of us telling him that he was wrong. Probably more than three quarters. He took about five points off for not having it, and then decided (when he finally realized that he was indeed wrong) to add two points back. And he took off points for stupid things, like


not having multiplied the week's grocery total by four to get the monthly total, overlooking that


not only are there not exactly four weeks in every month except non-leap-year February, but the directions did say "Weekly Total". He took a point off Ann's for her using the word "fulfilling" in a sense that he didn't think was right (we all agreed that the real reason he did it was that there was no way he could understand such a complex word).

I absolutely despise him sometimes. Most of the time. All of the time.

Paper went badly, so Maria G. and I played chess most of third period. She won the suicide round, and then cut off our regular round while I was winning (although it was about three minutes to the bell so she had an excuse to do so).

Finished up bio presentations today, and had two quizzes. I planned to do the first on my own but John Bobzein decided he needed a partner though he could have done reasonably well on his own. Question #3 was irritating, since it asked whether a zygote rapidly increased in size after fusion or not, and being a true or false there should have been only one answer. But there were two sides to the argument. I finally put down false, thinking that it actually meant "size" rather than "number of cells". Turned out to be right; John didn't realize I'd changed my answer from true and got it wrong.

Señor was sick today (an odd thing in itself) so we had a sub who creepily reminded me of some huge ROTC kid I always see walking aroudn who looks like a baby stuffed in a uniform. Odd, all of it. The paragraph we had today was terribly easy, but the homework was rather



odd, since some we didn't really have Señor to explain it and nosotros quedamos muy confusados.

Erin showed up for QB today (woot!) and it was a good thing. She baffled the unbaffleable. Perhaps. Chris spoke up near the end and told them I'd organized a class rebellion in first grade, which is apparently true but I don't remember it at all. Bob was entirely baffled by this as well so maybe he's not entirely unbaffleable. What a stupid word.

Own reference: He grins, and bears it like she's always done.

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