Lawn mowing

Jul. 2nd, 2005 01:31 pm
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All I was doing was minding my own business, yelling at and hitting the stupid lawn mower to get rid of the blockage or whatever that made it go *so* *frigging* *slow*. And all of a sudden...the Suicide Bird came swooping out of the sky and nearly hit the lawn mower--only about a foot away. I wasn't exactly sure it was a bird at the time, so I blinked a few times and kept mowing. A few minutes later, the Suicide Bird did it *again*. And it did that for about 45 minutes while I mowed our lawn (oddly enough, it wouldn't do that on my neighbor's lawn).

Then, about my neighbor's lawn, which I mowed today for $5 (a lot of money compared to our lawn): I don't know what about it made my lawn mower do it, but even with the deck (cutting-thingy with wheels to keep it moving and off the ground) at the highest setting, the deck's wheels still managed to make gigantic gouges about an inch across in my neighbor's lawn. There wasn't any grass at the place where it was the worst, and it looked *really* bad. I can't figure out *why* it did that, because it never does that on our lawn even when the deck is two settings lower (except when I go around trees really fast, and then it looks awful). I feel really bad about it, though, because I can't change it at all, and our neighbor is really a nice guy (I wouldn't feel so bad if it were either of the next-door neighbors--we don't know them that well and they're not exactly "friendly"). And I'm worried he'll get mad at me or something, but we (my mom and I) are going to go talk to him once he gets back.

At least during the 4th of July party it'll be covered somewhat by Bob's trailer (he's the guy who provides food) and it won't be *too* obvious. And concerning our soon-to-be-newly-painted deck: I don't know if we're going to paint it this week or not. We'd better soon, though, because there's mold growing in the deck.

Final thing: 5- or 6- years' worth of gunge is not what you want to wash off the inside/bottom of a table. The table I had to wash had this algae-green and dark brown gunk on parts of it, and it is disgusting. I can show you some of the remnants I couldn't get off at the 4th party. Anyone else who's reading this who isn't Fable or Erin, you can be invited too, but since you don't know where I live it'll probably be pretty hard to get here. I'm also sure most hackers wouldn't want/need/deign to come to a party where most of what you do is run around, eat, throw things that make quiet banging noises when they hit stuff hard enough, and stare at the pretty colors in the sky that make loud banging noises that make you wish you were deaf. (Some of these pretty colors in the sky can actually grant you your wish!)


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